On paper they flow like warm water.

The curves of my cigarette smoke form a faint photograph of your face when the moon is shining down.


I find it utterly mind blowing that there is such a fight for the freedom to carry an illegal/unlicensed firearm, but marriage and the female body are so easily restricted.

So, In response to these freedoms, I’m going to get myself a pistol. Then, I’ll learn how to aim and shoot that firearm with my pussy,

so that when a person tells me what to do with my body, I can shoot them in “self defense” and use the tagline I’ve always wanted to use;

Guns don’t kill people, but my Pussy can.

my words are expressed in my work, I describe myself as visually sensitive…

my husband is a writer and we’ve been talking about a collaborative project…love your words!

Thank you so much, to whomever it was that left this little nugget of light for me! It’s always a wonderful idea to write. It’s a great idea to create in general. I hope your collaboration goes well and that I get to read the outcome.

Little Woman

Little woman.
Sitting straight in bed.
It’s three a.m
But you can’t get the night terrors out of your head.
I can feel you glancing over.
Checking to see that I am there.
Little woman,
I will not be the man to prove your nightmare true.
Simply put,
I am a man too in love with you.
And little woman,
When you wash your hair at night,
Will you let me wash away your worries and your frights?
Little woman,
Can you please stay by side?
And keep my bed warm.
I am afraid.
Because your nightmares
Are my worst fears.
Oh, little woman.
Can’t you see,
What your woes are doing to me?
little woman,
Let me calm your nerves.
Let me warm you when you shake.
Please little woman,
I beg.
Don’t fear me,
Because of someone else’s mistakes.
Little woman,
I can love you tender,
Love you kind.
But when you wake up at 3 a.m,
With so much belief in your bad dreams.
It hurts.
More than you could know.
When you fall asleep once again,
I lay awake,
Self doubt in my mind.
Little woman,
Please be kind,
And trust in me.
When you wash your hair at night,
Let me wash away your worries and frights.
Because little woman,
Your silent doubt,
Is harsher than any fight.
Little woman,
Let me make you strong again.
Little woman,
Let me in.
And let the nightmare go.
Sleep a whole night through,
With my trust beside you.

Loving my Country Roots